Knox Law is based in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Mark T. Knox, Q.C.
Criminal, Family and Civil Litigation in Halifax and Granville Ferry, Annapolis County

At the law office of Mark T. Knox, Q.C., our expertise lies in the fields of criminal law, family law, prison law and civil litigation. Located in Halifax, we have a main office, as well as a satellite office to better serve the needs of our clients.

Criminal Law

Legal Counsel for Criminal Law Cases

Facing an upcoming criminal law trial can feel overwhelming. Have an experienced lawyer in your corner with Mark T. Knox, Q.C. Located in Halifax, Mark T. Knox, Q.C. has extensive legal experience working on a variety of criminal law cases.

Family Law

Sensitive yet Strong Legal Counsel for Family Law Cases

Dealing with a family law case requires sensitivity and legal acumen. Over the years, Mark T. Knox, Q.C. has acquired experience providing legal services that represent your best interests.


Legal Services for Litigation

Find the legal assistance you need with Mark T. Knox, Q.C. With offices conveniently located in Halifax, Mark T. Knox, Q.C. would be pleased to provide you with the legal counsel you need in the area of litigation.

Trust an Experienced Lawyer

Judicial Inquiries 

Mark T. Knox, Q.C. acted as counsel for one of the interested parties, Crown Counsel in the 2005-2006 Nunn Commission of Inquiry (into the death of Theresa McEvoy).

Mark T. Know was counsel for testifying witness, Duty Defence Counsel, in 2009-2010 Hyde Inquiry (the Fatality Inquiry into the Death of Howard Hyde).

Civil Trial Practice

In the field of civil cases, noteworthy civil cases include, Mark T. Knox, Q.C. represented LMM v. AGNS (2009) at trial and at appeal in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. Similarly, Mark T. Knox, Q.C. represented ABC v. AGNS (2011) at trial in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

Mr. Knox represented the Defendants in a matter, Toulany v. Costello and Elk Road Holdings,  where his clients were forced to compel the Plaintiff to accept a settlement negotiated in good faith (which the lawyer for the Plaintiff’s tried to renege on):   

Criminal Law Experience

Mark T. Knox, Q.C. criminal law practice involves the Criminal Code of Canada; the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act; the criminal and quasi-criminal legislation, which includes the provincial securities legislation. Noteworthy Criminal Code of Canada cases include R. v. Clarke, Colpitts and Potter: 2013 NSCC 177 . In 2013, Mr. Clarke applied for relief under the Canadian Charter of Rights, seeking state funded counsel to assist in his defense against securities charges under the Criminal Code.

Mr. Knox was counsel for Mr. Joshua Finbow, in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.  Mr. Finbow successfully argued that his Charter Rights were violated  by the  DND police,  his “Right to Counsel without Delay”  and “Right to Counsel in Private”, leading to the exclusion of his statement to the police: 2017  NSCC 291.

We encourage clients to use appropriate expert evidence from all  relevant disciplines at every juncture,  for bail, trial and sentencing purposes”.